Attendee Management for Meetups!

EventDunia has an integrated solution for the payment and event registration issues for Meetup platform.

  • Organizing a Meetup can be hard, and sometimes it can be pricey, too..
  • How to collect payment from members?
  • How to deal with collecting & counting cash at the door?
  • Handling “RSVP” or “Coming” or “Wait List” status is becoming too hard?

Benefits of collecting payment

  • Reduce no-shows - members are more likely to show up if they've paid ahead of time.
  • Cover your costs - need to reserve a venue, buy refreshments or hire a speaker? Ask your members to help out.
  • Compensate people - does one of your assistant organizers spend hours every week organizing Meetup events? Thank them.



We provide seemless integration with your Meetup group and provide Organizer tools to manage the integration

  • Collect payment online
  • See the payment status of any member
  • Accept Credit/Debit/Net banking options
  • Support Direct Net Transfer
  • Consolidates Reports of all the Meetups organized
  • Member will be notified with e-mail and SMS upon successful payment
  • Automatically move the member to Paid List
  • Organizer can himself integrate Meetup with EventDunia
  • View detailed transaction information
  • Members can retrieve past transaction details
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How it works?


Transaction Charges

#PayU Gateway
Transaction less than INR 1000 2.9% + INR 5
Transactions greater than or equal to INR 1000 3.5%
Meetup recommends collecting payment!

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