What is electronic registration?

Electronic registration is the most simple and easy method to capture the information about the background details of your delegates. We provide several customized forms to help your delegates provide the required information. Our tools provide verification support to ensure the typing/data entry errors are identified and alerted then and there it self.

Example of such data for a business development event:-

  • Delegate name
  • Contact address
  • Profession
  • Years of Experience
  • Academic background
  • Areas of interest
  • Acheivements/Strengths
  • Types of opportunities interested in etc.
  • Duration of event interested in: (One day/Multi day)
  • Open to travel out of station
  • Willing to invite your friends for the event?


Why is it required?

An event is considered to be successful if it matches if not exceeds the delegates expectations. One way to achieve it is through understanding what your delegates expectations are. By asking proper questions, a event organizer can mold the agenda of the event to meet his/her delegates common expectations.

How can it help my event?

A delegate's requirement is usually to gain rich experience/pleasure etc. out of your event. A satisfied delegate will support your future events. As you have the delegates contact information, you can always cross sell your future events. Also, a satisfied/curious delegate will be your event ambassador, by using our tools during registration, you can ask him/her to spread the information about the event to his friends, colleagues and relatives. This is an example of viral marketing and get help your event get maximum visibility.

When is registration required?

Registration is an option provided to every individual for expressing why he/she is interested in your event. It is usually done at the beginning of the event, so that organizer can have enough time to modify the content/agenda to suit the common requirements.

Why should I opt for electronic registration?

How to setup registration form in event dunia?

(Note:-Before setting up registration form please publish event.)


You may use these tags in Thank you form:-

Click on add more fields to add new form fields:-


Enter the field details:-


Save the fields and form!

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