What is ticket counter?

In offline world, ticket counter refers to a ticket distribution center where an individual takes money from attendees and issue tickets or gate pass for the paid events.Traditionally events like movies, musical shows, circus etc. offer delegates different kinds of categories of tickets.  The category of the ticket determines the cost of the ticket, seating position of the delegate while attending the event, any special treatment like snack and goodies offer etc. Most of the events have complex categories to classify their delegates and treat them accordingly during the event. Ticket Counter tool educates the delegate about the list of categories of the tickets that are offered to him. It also explains the facilities provided by purchasing a particular category of ticket.

Example of ticket categories:- Adult, Child ticket etc.

 Ticket Visualization tool.

For some events like movies etc. the delegate will have option to view the seat numbers, the venue layout, the seat locations, position of the speaker podium etc. We provide tools to display such details on your website in the form of interactive image forms.

Ticket selection/visualization tools give the right information about the event ticket details in a easy and intuitive way to the delegate. When a delegate understands the various facilities associated with each category of ticket, he can choose the ticket more appropriately. The visualization tool helps him to book the appropriate seat for the event. Such minor considerations will provide pleasurable experience to your delegates.


Support for Discounts

Discount can be offered in percentage terms or absolute cost deduction.

We support two kinds of discounts.

a. Bulk/Group Discounts to encourage individuals buy event tickets in large quantities. 

b. Early bird discounts for discounts are offered if event tickets are brought before stipulated date/time.


Support for Add-on tickets

 Add-on tickets are secondary tickets which can be sold to delegates who brought the event primary tickets. For eg. primary tickets could be entry ticket for the event and secondary ticket could be lunch/snack coupons or accommodation, transport rentals etc. To make it clear, a delegate cannot lunch coupon without buying  entry ticket for the event.

Support for Merchandize sale

Event organizers can sell event merchandize like T-Shirts, Caps, bags, hoodies, stationary etc. for attendees.

Support for various currencies

We support tickets sale in dollors, euros and rupees for now.


How to setup ticket counter in eventdunia.com?


 Setup Additional Sale Items

 Group Discounts


 Early Bird Discounts

 Sessions Tickets